8 months of trouble-free operation with significant CO2 savings. Wiegel sets new standards in sustainable galvanizing technology with promeos®.

In February 2020, it was “Fire free at the ready for a flameless galvanizing line” – since then, Wiegel Aitrach Feuerverzinken GmbH has been operating the world’s most modern galvanizing furnace made by promeos®.

The fact that this furnace has not only been running trouble-free since then, but also consumes approx. 15% less gas “right from the start”, is due to the unique, flame-free burner technology of promeos® as well as the furnace design based on it. As a result, well over 70 tons of CO2 have already been saved compared to the previous, conventional furnace solution.

Also in terms of dynamics, no wishes remain unfulfilled – homogeneous T-fields and high performance dynamics allow a fast adjustment of the required heat flows and thus create productivity.

Wiegel and promeos® are currently working on a further optimization of the furnace parameters, which will enable the jointly defined target of a 20-25% improvement of the specific energy consumption to be achieved.

The basis for this is also a new promeos® product, the so-called promeos® Service Agent “PROSA”. The digitalization of all plant parameters, recording and real-time optimization, not only allows an even faster optimization of the process parameters, but also remote monitoring and analysis during operation.

Wiegel and promeos ® thus set new standards in terms of “sustainable hot-dip galvanizing” – the result of a cooperation based on partnership: high-tech made in Franconia!

Here you can learn more about the promeos Service Agent. Do you want to learn more about furnaces and other special equipment from promeos®, click here!