Our mobile furnaces eliminate transferring the ladle and therefore increase material efficiency as well as energy efficiency!

The R.EVOLUTION of ladle logistics.

promeos® has set the goal to improve the (thermal) processes of its clients with its products. For foundries this means to follow the flow of materials and to ensure an optimal temperature control of the processes material along the whole process chain. Therefore the promeos® product portfolio comprises innovative heating solutions for the whole scope of a foundry from raw material to finalized product.

The quality of the founded products depends on the quality of material (purity, homogeneity, alloy) and therefore on its “travel through the foundry”, respectively it “process biography. Therefore it is essential to avoid decanting as much as possible! Every instance of transferring not only consumes valuable energy, it also compromises quality of material.

Benefits at a glance

  • Decrease of energy cost
  • Reduction of primary energy consumption
  • Decrease cinder formation
  • Reduction of COemissions
  • Increase of cast quality
  • Optimization of lead times
  • Reorganisation of the factory and production structure
  • Assessment and accounting of the energy value chain
  • Increase in process transparency

Use of waste heat of the melting process to preheat the next melting furnace (m.pot)

An additional increase of efficiency is achieved by recirculating and reusing the waste heat to preheat the charge good.

This is enabled by a twin docking station with additional preheating position. This way simoultaneously one m.pot is used for melting and the second one for preheating by using the waste heat.


Digitalisation of the entire process.

The m.pot is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC/ SPS) for data collection that communicates with the plant monitoring via WLAN and exchanges data about filling level, temperature of the melt, furnace chamber temperature and lid position. The plant monitoring is always informed where which kiln is docked or if it is currently transported. An USP system enables this also while the crucible is being transported and not connected to a heatdock.
For the first time the entire process of material allocation can be completely represented and displayed with intelligently cross-linked data.

We look forward talking to you about how m.pot/heatdock and
the heattwin will optimize your thermal processes.

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