promeos® heats up … and that without flames!

In the food industry, the pore burner technology from promeos® is an absolute must-have! Whether baking, grilling or cooking, all thermal processes in the food industry can not only be optimized, but significantly improved by the flameless technology. The homogeneous heat sierly processes your food gently, energy-efficiently and in addition in an environmentally friendly manner. Especially for the food industry, our pore burners are produced fibre-free to meet the highest quality standards.

The flameless promeos® technology is suitable for the following applications, for example

  • in ovens
  • in industrial grills
  • in cooking stoves
  • and much more …

We offer very individual heating solutions for your product!
Ask us about your technical requirements, we plan and project and present you the perfect solution.


promeos® is currently developing a hydrogen-based burner. Due to the pollutant-free combustion (only water vapor is produced), this technology is particularly suitable for the food industry!

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