Global. Ecologically. Advance.

If you don’t know the destination, you can’t find the right way. promeos® wants to be the global technology leader for pre-mixing gas burner systems and innovation driver for all gas-heated thermal process plants in the respective addressed product areas. That’s what we work with heart and mind for. We feel it is a privilege to put all our creativity at the service of ecological renewal and are proud of what has already been achieved.
We are moving faster and faster and further along our path. And we are happy to be accompanied along this path. The cooperation with the world’s leading plant builders creates valuable synergies. When innovation and implementation strength are allied, all parties benefit – and of course our unique planet. Together. Faster. Protect the environment.

Environment. Values. Family.

Meeting the three pillars of sustainability is the basis of everything. That is why we only develop products that have been shown to relieve the environment. Better energy efficiency and clean and quiet combustion characterize our solutions.
promeos® is all about customer benefit. The economic advantage for our customers with payback times of max. 24 months is what makes them invest and allow us to grow – the important second pillar.
Finally, we take care of fair and social coexistence. Promoting and demanding describes our personnel development, honest partnership, cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

Sustainability is the basis.

Promeos heating systems® reduce CO emissions worldwide.

Nachhaltigkeit ist die Basis.

Beheizungsanlagen von promeos® reduzieren weltweit die CO Emissionen.