Excellent employer.

Fair and Social

Fair and social coexistence is particularly important to us. Promoting and demanding describes our personnel development most aptly. The same applies to the desire to reconcile family and professional life.


In order to be able to assert itself as a fine, small technology company all over the world, in addition to technical know-how, above all different characters and many different native speakers, we need to make our innovations successful internationally. A team of about 30 employees from 22 countries and 4 continents has gradually been formed, which also enriches our daily work in every respect.

Young and Experienced

The training, support and integration of qualified students, graduates and trainees are the pillars of our personnel policy.

Creative & Disciplined

Creativity gives the necessary freedom and strengthens discipline where it is needed. Our project management follows clear process specifications, because this is the only way to create quality and ensure consistency. From A to Z, from planning to repair.


Gennadiy ZaslavskyyManufacturing / Assembly

Gennadiy Zaslavskyy
Manufacturing / Assembly

„Try not to be better than someone else, try to be better than you were a minute ago."

Felix GünkelStrategic assistance

Felix Günkel
Strategic assistance

„The average gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value.“ (Oscar Wilde)

EllaCompany dog

Company dog

„I prefer flameless more than foodless!“

Martina GrötschMarketing

Martina Grötsch

„Nothing is more powerful than an idea at the right time“ (Victor Hugo)

Dr. Jochen VolkertManaging director

Dr. Jochen Volkert
Managing director

„We design heat.“

Simone SchranerHuman Resources Management / Sales

Simone Schraner
Human Resources Management / Sales

„For what is possible to come up, the impossible must always be tried.“ (Hermann Hesse)

Dr. Baris AtesTechnical sales

Dr. Baris Ates
Technical sales

„Life! Single and free as a tree and fraternal as a forest. That is our longing.“ (Nazim Hikmet)

Bekim KadolliManufacturing / Assembly

Bekim Kadolli
Manufacturing / Assembly

„What doesn't fit is made to fit.“

Dimitri RedherManufacturing / Assembly

Dimitri Redher
Manufacturing / Assembly

„Machines have a soul. It is human.“

Marvin BirckigtElectrical engineering

Marvin Birckigt
Electrical engineering

„Problems are there to be solved, not maintained.“ (Ulrich Rose)

Michael SöllCustomer service

Michael Söll
Customer service

„Our burners are burning for your business, we are burning for our job.“

Sascha BauerOperations Manager

Sascha Bauer
Operations Manager

„The secret of success? Be different from the others.“ (Woody Allen)

Volkan GencDesign

Volkan Genc

„Is there better motivation than success?“ (Ion Tiriac)

Reyhan AhmedManufacturing / Assembly

Reyhan Ahmed
Manufacturing / Assembly

„In peace lies the power.“ (Konfuzius)

Sergius MenonManufacturing / Assembly

Sergius Menon
Manufacturing / Assembly

„A machine can do the work of fifty ordinary people, but it cannot replace a single extraordinary one.“

Jan Willem te NijenhuisResearch and development

Jan Willem te Nijenhuis
Research and development

„Promeos®, off to a bright future.“

Alexander SchmuckerManufacturing / Assembly

Alexander Schmucker
Manufacturing / Assembly

„Only those who do something can afford something.“ (Michail Gorbatschow)

Ilter HanciogluBusiness development Turkey

Ilter Hancioglu
Business development Turkey

„To be the master of knowledge, it is important to be the servant of work.“ (Balzer)

Sebastian MeinhardtManufacturing / Assembly

Sebastian Meinhardt
Manufacturing / Assembly

„We are on fire, but without a flame!“

Awad OsmanManufacturing / Assembly

Awad Osman
Manufacturing / Assembly

لا تؤجل عمل اليوم إلى الغد („Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!“)