The promeos® portfolio of hot air multi-talents has grown once again!

Our customers from a wide range of industries already rely on intelligent hot air heat from promeos® for various thermal processes:

Drying, preheating, surface curing, vulcanising, cleaning, plastic forming – All energy-efficient and precisely controllable! No problem for the different variants of the promeos® heattube and promeos® heatcube:

Each available in different versions, optimal for your individual task:

– promeos® heattube 10 (in stainless steel and plastic housing variants)

– promeos® heattube 30 (in stainless steel and plastic casing versions)

– promeos® heatcube 250 °C – 600°C (with air circulation option)


– promeos® heatcube twin 40 °C – 250°C

The new promeos® heatcube twin allows an impressive modulation of temperatures and thus completely new possibilities to design thermal processes and systems for this purpose: Different materials with different requirements can now be processed within one system!

Our partner Jagenberg Elrond GmbH, for example, is realising printing and drying on different products with only one printing system for the first time. Other customers are realising tasks such as drying of refractory materials, but also preheating of moulds in low-pressure casting or even forming of railway rails with the heateligent hot-air multi-talents from promeos®.

The possibilities are endless – let’s talk about how your thermal processes can also benefit from the intelligent heat of promeos!