Heating solutions from promeos® bring more efficiency and increase productivity.

Different heat treatment processes are used to achieve different material properties in plastic or rubber products.
The products are changed by temperature or temperature.
The optimal properties of the products are achieved with one or more processes.

Vulcanization of rubber profiles in the circulating air system

Surface crosslinking of plastic pipes

promeos® offers individual process heat solutions for the processing of plastics and rubber

  • Hot air systems (heattube/heatcube)
  • Continuous furnace for heat treatment of plastics/rubber
  • Hot air system of shrinks
  • Heating of containers for plastic recycling
  • Plastic welding
  • Smoothing of pipe surfaces for car ventilation pipes
  • Relaxing multi-layer pipes for gasoline lines
  • Systems for the vulcanization of rubber or elastomer profiles
  • Salt bath facilities

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