Intelligent heat for all thermal processes.

The production of high-quality papers requires not only high-quality materials but also high-quality processes. Especially the thermal process in paper production is extremely important, as the freshly coated paper or cardboard webs have to dry as quickly as possible in order to prevent damage to the web surface and deposits on dryers and paper or cardboard rolls.
promeos® offers you the perfect solution!

Thanks to the patented gas burner technology, stepless temperature control is possible in ranges from 100°C to 1,500°C. The flameless papers are dried quickly and yet very gently.

The promeos® technology can also be used in ink drying presses. The flameless, homogeneous heat makes the paint evenly dried. And the good thing is that compared to power-based heat sources, you save up to 80% on operating costs and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced!

We are happy to develop a system specially designed for your requirements. But even existing applications can be easily retrofitted or converted.

System for drying of papers, customer Rotodecor

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