Your exclusive promeos® specialist always on site!

promeos® takes the extension of the remote monitoring and remote control capabilities of existing and new promeos® systems to a new level: The PROmeos Service Agent -or PROSA as we call it- allows promeos for continuous monitoring of operating and measured data as well as doing configurations and modifications remotely independently from the system’s location.

The promeos® Service Agent enables the operator and promeos® to quickly act on incidents or to prevent these proactively beforehand. Operational reliability increases and the instant diagnosis supported by the real operational data maximizes the availability of the system. The PROSA can be fully integrated into the control unit or be added externally retroactively. At the same time, the system is IoT-ready and can be integrated into an existing or future IoT environment.

Your exclusive promeos specialist always on site!

Have a look into our product flyer: PROSA your virtual promeos® service agent always on the spot