Optimal heating process & customised integration into the customer process

“Our new forging furnace from promeos® works wonderfully. Since our forged parts are heated without flame contact and the temperature can be controlled very precisely, we achieve an optimal forging process. And on top of that, we save a lot of energy and CO2 compared to the previous solution” reports Stefan Zellermayr, responsible project manager at Hans Brunner GmbH. The promeos® forging furnace is also equipped with an automated door mechanism that is customised to the customer’s process. This allows efficient, ergonomic and safe operation by one person and eliminates the need for a second employee.

promeos gasbeheizter Schmiedeofen

The advantages of the flame-free promeos® forging furnace at a glance:

  • Intact blank surface for best product quality thanks to an optimal heating process
  • Optimum forging process thanks to precise temperature control
  • Significant energy savings and CO2 reduction compared to the previous solution
  • Door mechanism tailored to customer requirements: The ergonomic and contactless operation of the furnace with light barrier halves the previous personnel requirement

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