Back in 2007, we delivered the first heatelligent heating system to +GF+ – we would like to say “thank you” for what has become a long-standing and trusting partnership.

And we are pleased about a new order for the Leipzig site – a flame-free heating system for preheating and sintering the induction melting furnaces.

After the ladle and converter heating systems that have been successfully operated for years and have demonstrated energy savings of no less than 60 %, GF Casting Solutions and promeos® are continuing their joint success story in terms of #sustainability and are providing further impetus with this new investment: think hybrid and act sustainably!

promeos® and GF think hybrid

In future, the electrically operated induction furnace will be sintered and kept warm by the energy-efficient and flame-free promeos® burner technology – a hybrid combination of energy sources for an even better track reCO2rd and optimal heating process.

Only the ideology-free development and implementation of the optimal technology for the respective application leads to sustainability and sustainable success!

We know heat: Hybrid Energy, Applications and Technology expertise!

Contact us to discuss how we can also implement forward-looking, sustainable and, if necessary, hybrid solutions for optimal and CO2-saving heat processes for you.