promeos® shaft melting furnaces: BEST quality, BEST price, BEST delivery time

Visit promeos® at EUROGUSS 2024 and let us demonstrate the advantages of promeos® shaft melting furnaces. In addition to other product highlights from promeos® for (die) casting such as the promeos® dosing furnaces and transportable crucible furnaces (m.pot & heat dock), the shaft furnaces from promeos® offer a wide range of options for foundries. Whether you’re interested in tiltable furnaces or floor-standing furnaces with tapping valves, promeos® has the right furnace for your specific requirements.

promeos® Gasverbrauch

These feature state-of-the-art technology and stand out with many standard features for a very attractive price! The product range includes furnaces with a melting capacity of up to 3 tons per hour and a holding capacity of up to 6 tons. Moreover, promeos® places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency with energy consumption per ton of melting material in the range of 500-650 kWh. The flameless burner technology developed by promeos® also further increases energy and material efficiency.

In addition to heatelligent solutions, promeos® offers quick and first-class customer service. The experts at promeos® are available to assist both on-site and remotely to ensure maximum operational reliability. The promeos® shaft melting furnaces also offer extensive standard equipment from the factory: These include a user-friendly 17-inch touch display, a remote maintenance module and software, real-time efficiency monitoring and an integrated electronic troubleshooting guide.

The range includes dosing furnaces, tilting crucible furnaces, mobile melting and holding furnaces (promeos® mpot) with the practical promeos® heatdock docking station, ladle heaters, mold heaters, heat treatment furnaces and launder heaters as well as customized special systems.


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