An early Christmas present for Trimet Aluminium SE

Beautifully wrapped like two oversized Christmas presents, two “gift packages” weighing several tons full of engineering and lots of thermal process know-how recently made their way to our valued customer Trimet Aluminium SE. Once again, we were able to solve a challenging heating task for them:


WE DESIGN HEAT – Thanks to the repeatedly good and close cooperation with the customer, two highly specialized heating systems optimally tailored to the customer’s requirements were delevoped and have now been delivered. After commissioning by the promeos® experts, the systems will be used for oven drying and provide a safe and energy-efficient process. Based on the proven promeos® heattube hot air generators and sophisticated thermal process and process engineering, the two heating systems are another example of a redesigned thermal process that results in an energy-efficient and safe solution from promeos®!


Do you also have a challenging heating task? WE DESIGN HEAT and look forward to hearing from you!