Tree planting campaign by the promeos® team in the Veitsbrunn forest.

In ideal tree-planting weather (cloudy with light showers), 22 promeos colleagues and company dog Ella “dug instead of buying certificates and certificates for CO2 compensation”. To (partially) offset their CO2 footprint, they had to plant 300 trees themselves on a piece of land at the edge of a forest. In cooperation with a private forest owner and the “Forstbetriebsgemeinschaft Ansbach-Fürth e.V“., the colleagues learnt interesting facts about the local forest, the current strategy to make the forest more resilient to the upcoming climate change and, last but not least, the right steps to plant the seedlings professionally. After this briefing, it was time to get down to work and the wild service trees, winter lime trees and spirelings found their new place in the Franconian forest floor.

promeos® Team


Many thanks at this point to Mr Simmer, Anna-Lena and Michel for the entertaining and interesting joint activity! We are looking forward to seeing how the woodland develops over the coming years and some of us will certainly pay a visit to the trees we have planted yourself in the future.