Prosa – Remote Support and Control

Heatelligence is our commitment to innovation and sustainability in advanced heating solutions. In this part, we introduce Prosa, the promeos® service agent revolutionizing industrial heating systems.

Your Virtual Service Agent

Prosa (PROmeos Service Agent) is an advanced virtual service agent developed by promeos® for industrial automation. It enables remote monitoring, control, and analysis, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Versatile, our Service Agent fits both new and existing systems, covering tasks previously handled by on-site specialists.

Benefits of Prosa


Remote Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis: Real-time monitoring and rapid fault diagnosis ensure safe and efficient operation.

Adapt to New Parameters: Seamless adaptation to new customer process parameters without compromising safety and warranty.

Data-Driven Optimization: Operating parameters are optimized based on data analysis, enhancing system performance.

Predictive Maintenance: Anticipates maintenance needs, reducing downtime and extending system life.

Drive Digitalization with Prosa

Leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Access real-time measurements and operational data to manage and monitor from any mobile device. Control your systems and production chains from your smartphone – digital, simple and efficient control.

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