Considering the current uncertainty about the supply of natural gas, another advantage of promeos® solutions takes on great significance: promeos® systems allow a changeover from natural gas to liquid gas or to special gases such as biogas or pyrolysis gas! Standardized conversion kits allow a fast and safe changeover. Furthermore, a changeover from electricity to gas or vice versa from gas to electricity is also possible.

Having the necessary ecological transformation, with the goal of reducing the CO2 footprint in all industrial applications worldwide in mind, promeos® expanded its product portfolio years ago to include hybrid and electric heating systems:

  1. flame-free heating systems based on our porous burner technology can be operated with natural gas, LPG, biogas, special gases and of course with H2 admixture.
  2. heatelligent electric heating systems have been part of our product portfolio since 2019.
  3. hybrid systems (gas and electric heat combined) are used wherever the process requires it or the available green electricity is not sufficient for the process.


promeos® delivers the best heating solution in terms of energy and ecology!


We make no compromises providing our customers with the best heating solution in terms of energy and ecology: With promeos® you are literally “on the safe side”!

Acting together #sustainably is our central mission!