think hybrid. act hybrid. heat hybrid.

promeos® is a hybrid company – we think hybrid, act hybrid and, when it’s best for the environment, we heat hybrid!

We think #hybrid

The optimal solution for the customer knows no competition – it is (almost) always the one best option to identify. Only those who face the challenges free of ideology and without blinders can offer the optimal, because most sustainable, solution. Because the CO2 balance of the available energy sources also depends on the respective individual boundary conditions (location, network, source, …), we have developed heatelligent heating solutions for all relevant energy sources. The path is created by walking – we keep going.


We live promeos® as a hybrid company and act #hybrid

In addition to marketing heatelligent products, we see ourselves as an engineering service provider. While at the beginning of every cooperation the engineering is in the foreground, we invest experience and thermal process knowledge for conception and design of the optimal solution for the customer, after delivery of the system we are available with first-class customer service.

Service remotely or with promeos® experts on site, by trained customer staff with or without video remote support – everything is possible, the best option will be implemented!

Internally, too, we rely on hybrid cooperation with home office and office presence, full and part-time, young zest for action and many years of experience.

And we heat #hybrid!

Whether gas (natural, liquid, bio, pyrolysis, special gases) or electricity, mobile or stationary, automated and manual. Or both at the same time.

WE KNOW HEAT. Hybrid. Digital. Sustainable.

Read on here to find out why promeos® is not only hybrid, but also digital.

Visit us in Hall 8, Stand 422 at EUROGUSS – We look forward to personal encounters and exchanges, not just on the subject of hybridization!


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