Ladle heating in promeos® quality: Whether with gas or green electricity – always highly efficient, gentle on refractory and specifically designed for the customer!

promeos® GasverbrauchThe promeos® experts have commissioned two electric ladle heaters at our customer Odlewnie Polskie, a leading manufacturer of ADI ductile iron products. Using green electricity as the energy source, the heaters enable a CO2 neutral heating process and offer all the typical advantages of the gas-powered flameless promeos® ladle heaters. The two electric heating stations, one for casting and one for treatment ladles, have a maximum output of 60 kW each and heat the ladles to 800° Celsius in under two hours. The heating process and the temperatures can be precisely controlled and programmed, assuring maximum efficiency. The ladles are heated homogeneously and in a material-friendly manner.

promeos® Gasverbrauch

Chcielibyśmy podziękować Odlewnie Polskie za zaufanie i przyszłościową inwestycję w przyjazną dla klimatu technologię procesów termicznych firmy promeos®! Z niecierpliwością czekamy na kolejne wspólne projekty!

We would like to thank Odlewnie Polskie for their trust and forward-looking investment in climate-friendly thermal process technology from promeos®! We look forward to further joint projects!

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WE DESIGN HEAT – Always the best heating solution in terms of energy and ecology for an optimized and maximally sustainable heating process! No matter what energy source: All gases (including wood and pyrolysis gases), green electricity or hybrid – promeos designs solutions that are optimally tailored to the customer’s individual situation and needs!