promeos® offers a wide range of products from simple burner heads, integrated burner systems to heating systems and complete industrial furnaces. The execution of these projects prove our engineering capabilities day in and day out. Above all we look at our customer’s requests and needs in their entirety: While implementing solutions for complex thermal processes it is critical to consider and attend to not only the burner technology but all adjacent processes and any other related matters. This way we are sure to achieve an optimum of efficiency and quality for our clients. Almost 700 successfully implemented projects in a wide variety of applications document this: We know heat!

Design & Developement and Proof of Concepts

promeos® investigates the feasibility and the scope of new concepts and solutions for thermal processes free from any bias. Many years of experience in research and development, extensive capabilities in process engineering of thermal processes as well as thermotechnical design and plant engineering accompanied by a flexible infrastructure for rapid implementation of testing and measuring environments let us create the relevant desired insights.

Systems Engineering

As part of the holistic consideration and realization of solutions for complex thermal processes, sensible plant engineering plays a major role: the handling of materials and demanding heating objects must be optimally matched to the heat treatment, in particular to ensure high quality. In addition, safe and efficient operation by the user is just as much a focus of our efforts here as the control and management of any emissions that occur, especially in the form of heat and waste gas.


From highly automated to manual and highly customized: promeos® develops and supplies solutions that offer an optimally matched degree of automation with regard to the individual initial situation and optimum results in the thermoprocess.


promeos® does not only consider the thermoprocess alone, but designs and implements the sensible technical and process integration into the overall process as well as the individual operating sequence. Upstream and downstream processes are considered as well as the overall process in order to realize the best possible solution. This can be an exact integration into the existing process or a new definition of the process with higher efficiency by e.g. less processing steps. promeos® also develops and delivers complete systems which represent several processing steps from raw material to end product or enable a new more efficient process.

Exhaust systems

The correct design of exhaust systems is of particular importance both with regard to the optional utilization of waste heat by heat recovery and regarding the optimum operation of the system or furnace with maximum energy efficiency. The process engineering “interaction” of burner, plant and flue gas system must therefore be sufficiently appreciated in every installation. promeos® offers the necessary optimization of existing flue gas systems when integrating new burner systems into existing plants or realizes completely new flue gas systems. This is carried out also in close cooperation with already existing partners of the respective customer.

Refractory materials

Correct choice of materials as well as proper installation of refractory materials are critical for high temperature processes. Many years of experience and extensive in house manufacturing and assembly capabilities especially in this field enable us to develop and realize tailor-made solutions even for complex challenges.

Measurement technology

Efficiently applied technology provides the knowledge for convincing results. The measurement technology designed and implemented by promeos® provides the data and information required both for the development of solutions for complex thermal processes and for the efficient operation of the supplied systems. The spectrum ranges from energy measurements in the form of gas meters, temperature measurement, CO/CO2 measurement to imaging methods for temperature measurement and analysis.

We look forward to supporting you with our engineering expertise in the realisation of your individual thermoprocess.

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