The road to decarbonizing the manufacturing industry is a tedious one – all possible paths must be explored and pursued vigorously and free of ideology

promeos® supplies extremely energy-efficient and hybrid technologies for sustainable and future-proof industrial thermal processes. In more than 700 projects, we have been able to support our customers in improving the energy efficiency of their processes and thus reducing their CO2 emissions.

Several hundred thousand tons of CO2 have already been saved with promeos® technology.

TO cover its own gas requirements, promeos® has now taken another step towards reducing the company’s own CO2 footprint: since this year, internal gas demand is covered with green gas, i.e. the gas is CO2-neutral through compensation. This is done according to the ÖkoPLUS / EcoPLUS standard, which is certified by TÜV Rheinland:

“ÖkoPLUS projects guarantee not only CO2 savings but also the promotion of sustainable development in the sense of the United Nations World Future Treaty. ÖkoPLUS climate protection projects are analyzed for sustainable measures in the areas of education, environmental protection, medical and sanitary care, infrastructure, child and culture promotion and evaluated. This ensures that Öko-PLUS projects also make a contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.” (Bischoff & Dietze Energy, certificate holder)