More than 10 years have passed since the paths of promeos® and KHS crossed – the beginning of a joint success story. At the beginning it took innovative spirit and foresight, but certainly also a bit of courage on the part of the “early innovator” KHS to get involved with the still young start-up company promeos® and its flame-free burner technology.

Many years, three generations of equipment, and over 200 shrink tunnel systems delivered later, KHS and promeos® do look back with pride on what they have achieved together: Ever since KHS customers have saved around 140,000 tons of CO2 with its systems using promeos® technology.

promeos® has matured into a globally active hidden champion for green heatelligence®, i.e. for sustainable and CO2-reducing industrial process heat.

“Saving so much CO2 with a single application that it makes an entire small town CO2-neutral is proof of the potential that exists in energy efficiency measures in industrial production technology.” Jörg tom Felde, Head of Research & Development promeos GmbH

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