Improve Your Heat Treatment Processes for Textiles

High energy bills and inefficient drying processes holding you back? We have the solution. Boost your textile finishing with the promeos® LINE IR Burner. Achieve exceptional energy efficiency and skyrocket productivity.

Why promeos?

  • Energy Savings: Reduce energy use by up to 70% and cut CO2 emissions.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily upgrade your IR-heated textile systems.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Increase efficiency by up to 50%.

The promeos® LINE IR Burner ensures even heat distribution and optimal drying, leading to superior textile quality and faster production. By minimizing cold air intake, it maintains consistent temperatures and boosts efficiency. The system pre-warms incoming air to the desired process temperature (150-210°C), enhancing performance with direct radiant heat.

Operating 6000 hours per year at 60 meters per minute and 85% utilization, this technology treats approximately 1.5 million additional meters of goods annually. The energy-neutral heat supply saves energy at the burners in the first and last fields, maximizing performance.

Join the future of textile finishing. Discover how the LINE IR Burner transforms your production lines with smart, efficient, and clean heat solutions.

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