Decade of participation – way of innovation:

We are proud to announce promeos® upcoming participation in Ankiros trade fair in Istanbul this September, the largest metallurgy meeting in Eurasia. Having been a regular participant for over a decade, this event is a major highlight in our calendar and underscores our dedication to the foundry sector.

This year, we are excited to continue our strong collaboration with Encotherm, a key partner in Turkey. Together, we integrate our burner technologies into their furnaces, showcasing our effective cooperation and system integration to enhance product performance.

At Ankiros, promeos® focuses on the industry’s urgent needs—boosting energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. Our solutions directly address these critical challenges, providing attendees with strategies to enhance operational efficiency and achieve sustainable practices.

We warmly invite you to visit our booth at Ankiros to discover our latest innovations and learn how our customized solutions can address your needs. This event offers a valuable opportunity for networking, understanding new trends, and observing our technologies firsthand. Join us to see how promeos® is advancing thermal processing technology.

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Inspiring green heart and mind:

We are thrilled to introduce promeos® at the HTS Exhibition in Mumbai. This event deeply resonates with our passion for sharing thermal technologies worldwide. This event symbolizes a new chapter for us opening the door to showcase our expertise in India’s growing industrial community. It’s a chance to engage heart and mind with the region’s innovators, driven by a shared vision of progress and sustainability. This exhibition is not just about business—it’s about mutual learning and growing together in new fertile grounds.
The HTS Exhibition is dedicated to heat treatment, which resonates with our products and Know-How for innovative and very energy efficient thermal processes. These solutions are designed for industries that require precise temperature management to enhance product quality without compromising efficiency.
We warmly invite you to join us at HTS, where we will present our latest innovations and share how our solutions resonate with the needs of India.