Advanced Heating for Plastic Pipe Production

Heating systems by promeos® are expertly designed for diverse industries, e.g. for manufacturing plastic pipes. This process involves shaping extruded plastic on a rotating roller, followed by seamless welding. Accurately preheating the roller between 160-200 °C is essential.

The promeos® technology fullfills that challenge perfectly:

The system features modularly adaptable porous burners with a total output of 275 kW, integrated in a structure that is perfectly customized to the roller. Combining infrared heat and controlled exhaust gas flow ensures efficient and uniform heating of the roller, minimizing temperature losses during rotation and boosting overall efficiency.


Global P artnership & Local Impact

Our engagement with Maintools started by equipping their spiral pipe machine with a custom heating system, setting the stage for significant technological integration. This initial project catalyzed further projects across Germany, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, and Poland, broadening our global reach and reinforcing our dedication to industry-specific advancements.

Following Maintools, Bauku adopted our technology, enhancing our presence in markets including Abu Dhabi. Our alliance with Boyke and recent installations in Egypt mark a continuous partnership that transcends traditional boundaries. We are committed to comprehensive integration and achieving operational excellence in manufacturing processes.


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