Four promeos® ladle heating stations celebrate their 10th anniversary.

In 2012, Federal Mogul Burscheid GmbH and promeos® did real pioneering work together: The decision to invest in four flameless ladle preheating stations from promeos® was quickly made in view of the outstanding energy efficiency and the positive market references that already existed at the time. But at the same time, a joint decision was made to use only biosoluble materials as refractory. A decision that “represented a real novelty in view of the high target temperatures in the iron foundry,” says Dr. J. Volkert, promeos® CEO. Although biosoluble fibers were known, they were not yet really widespread in open systems, which is why there were not really comparable references. The expectations were positive, after all, due to the fact, that the thermo-/mechanical load on the refractory insulation with promeos® systems is significantly lower than with conventional flame burners. Nevertheless, one can certainly speak of a courageous decision.

promeos® ladle heaters

Sonja Kremser (Head of the Federal-Mogul Burscheid GmbH melting shop segment) remembers: “The particular challenge was to combine the high temperature resistance required with the requirements for mechanical resilience via the biosoluble fiber to provide the greatest possible protection for our employees.” That was successful and Federal Mogul can look back on 4×10 years of reliable, safe and energy-efficient operation of the promeos® ladle heaters.

Thank you Federal Mogul for the pioneering spirit that set a standard that is still used today! promeos® now uses biosoluble fibers in almost all applications and thus offers not only optimal energy efficiency but also the greatest possible employee protection.

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