“Well installed”, reliable and uniquely energy-efficient – the promeos® heating system at R. Nussbaum AG, Switzerland

“Well installed” – the company motto of R. Nussbaum AG also applies to the promeos® ladle heating system installed there in 2011. In addition to the energy, cost and CO2 savings associated with the high energy efficiency, R. Nussbaum AG also benefits from short heating times, homogeneous heat distribution and stepless temperature control of the low-noise and low-maintenance system.

Thanks to the positive experience with the first investment in promeos® technology at the time, we were able to install a second system in 2016 and are pleased about the current order for a heating system for the induction melting furnace.

Thank you for the great cooperation. And thank you very much for a culture of innovation: flame-free, ideology-free and #hybrid – for an even better track reCO2rd.

Well over 200 successfully installed promeos® ladle heaters document the sustainability of the “best available technology”, which has meanwhile won several awards.

You too can save energy, costs and CO2! Find out here and in our brochure how you can dry and preheat pouring and transport ladles homogeneously and highly efficiently. And that with significantly reduced energy consumption and fewer CO2 emissions!