promeos® delivers full-range recycling system!

Since end of last year Miba Bearings Materials GmbH successfully operates a full-range recycling system designed, delivered and installed by promeos® at their Ohlsdorf, Austria plant. promeos® delivered everything ready-to-use from a single source: The complete system comprises an 800kW melting furnace, a heated transfer chute and a heated ingot casting machine. From idea to failure-free operation it was developed in close cooperation by promeos® and Miba. Since then, the energy-saving and flameless system has produced thousands of ingots from recycled material. Not only has it reintroduced 85 tons of aluminum and tin into the material flow, but also saved a significant amount of CO2 due to relying on the use of flameless burner technology by promeos®.


Zwei zufriedene Kunden vor der promeos Schmelz und Gießanlage

Two satisfied customers in front of  the recycling system delivered by promeos®