From Europe to Saudi Arabia and China to New Zealand: the leading plastics pipe manufacturers worldwide rely on promeos® heatelligence.

promeos® Gasverbrauch

The absolutely homogeneous and gentle heating of pipe diameters from 2.4 to 6 meters at up to lenghths of 6 meters for best product quality, high energy efficiency and outstanding reliability characterize the spiral pipe heaters made by promeos®. Thanks to the flameless gas burner technology, our customers save more than 950 tons of CO2 per year and make an important contribution to the most sustainable operation of energy-intensive applications.

promeos® flameless burner technology for coiled tubing


From huge 6 meters to a filigree 4 millimeters in diameter: Find out more here about heat treatment processes for plastic and rubber, for example for pipe production in the extrusion process with the pioneering promeos® technology.