After successful commissioning and passing all quality tests, 100% green heatelligence made its way to a long-standing customer.

The heatelligent electric hot-air system uses green electricity and thus supplies absolutely CO2-free process heat for drying in the foundry.

Thanks to the compact, flame-free burner systems (“Gas in electrical quality”) and our hybrid, modular architecture, promeos® heating systems can not only be used with all gases (liquid gas, natural gas, biogas, pyrolysis gas, special gases), but also from switched plug & play from electricity to gas and vice versa.

This means that the technology is not only green, but also particularly safe because it is flexible – you can choose the energy source that is reliably available and ecologically and economically the best for you – sustainability has a name: promeos® green heatelligence.

Learn here how you can benefit from green heatelligence: We supply the best technology for thermal processes along the entire process chain: gas, gas+H2, hybrid, green electric heat!