More and more products are adorning themselves with the attribute “CO2-neutral” and more and more companies are also communicating targets by when they want to become CO2-neutral. The goal of CO2-neutral production is also being pursued in (special) mechanical engineering. However, the balancing of a well-founded “product carbon footprint” in this sector is still in its infancy. For this reason, the VDMA has launched the project “Calculation of the Product Carbon Footprint in Mechanical and Plant Engineering” 2021 to develop cross-industry standards and methods. Only such a standard will ensure the comparability of products in this respect.

promeos®VMDA project group

Since day 1 of the project, promeos® has been involved in the project together with other VDMA members. Collaborating on common and relevant standards for the industry is a matter of honour for promeos® – after all, the uncompromising claim of promeos® is to always provide its customers with the best heating solution in terms of energy and ecology in order to significantly reduce their product carbon footprint. The correct and comparable balancing of the product carbon footprint of the promeos® products themselves is therefore very important to us.

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