Science fiction a few years ago, now reality: we are surrounded by touch-sensitive displays and surfaces on electronic devices, wearables and in vehicles. The increasingly complex shaped glass surfaces required for such applications place new and significantly higher demands on glass bending processes:  The (touch-sensitive) screens and surfaces used in all sizes and installation forms are only at the beginning of their spread and their possibilities for integration into all kinds of everyday objects. The demands on the processing methods are correspondingly diverse and demanding.

However, the conventional methods of glass forming such as gravity bending by means of a furnace, vacuum or pressure assisted forming (deep drawing) as well as stamping and pressing processes in the current form and method of heating do not meet today’s and future requirements.

promeos® STILL CONFIDENTIALThe outstanding properties of the promeos® burner technology for flame-free thermal processes are perfect for the precise and three-dimensional forming of glasses in non-contact 3D forming processes: Heat can be applied selectively and locally in a precisely controlled manner at the point where the glass processing process and the workpiece require it. Geometrically optimally adapted burners as heat sources ensure precise and targeted heating. In contrast to largely uncontrolled heating, e.g. in a furnace, such a non-contact 3D forming process offers many advantages in terms of product quality, production speed and energy efficiency.


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