Halving specific emissions with the world’s best gas technology!

As indisputable as it is that climate change is man-made, it must be equally indisputable that combating it cannot be successful with an “EITHER, OR”, but only with an “AND”.

The goal is a 100% sustainable energy supply. Getting there requires the use of efficiency measures AND green power AND hydrogen AND clean gas AND biofuels AND recycling AND … . For this reason, the short-term focus on e.g. only one energy source and ideologically motivated arguments for/against one of these initiatives are out of place and do not lead to the goal.

In terms of process technology, it is a proven and un-ideological fact that the clean use of fuel gases (especially natural gas) for energy-intensive heating processes in many areas is still not only the most cost-effective, but also the cleanest.

The specific emissions of natural gas for one kilowatt hour are currently about 200g/kWh, half the specific emissions for one kilowatt hour of electricity, which currently causes 400g/kWh of emissions. (Source: German Federal Environmental Agency).

The promeos® gas burner technology therefore not only saves operating costs compared to electricity heating, but also reduces your emissions and makes a valuable contribution to reducing your CO2 footprint in the short and medium term!

Join in, take action now: Flame-free. Ideology-free. Heatelligence® …

CO2 Reduction with promeospromeos delivers GreenTech





… because GAS instead of ELECTRICITY saves CO2 considerably and is therefore GREENTECH.

You already generate your own green, CO2-free electricity?

promeos® offers flame-free burner technology as well as electric power heating and hybrid systems – AND instead of OR, if it serves the process and the environment!