promeos® m.pot with heatdock: The R.Evolution in melting logistics

Visit promeos® at EUROGUSS 2024 and see the benefits of the promeos® m.pot with heatdock for yourself. In addition to other product highlights from promeos® for (die) casting, the gas-powered mobile crucible melting furnaces with docking station are the solution for the highly efficient melting logistics of the future without decanting: The quality of the cast product depends crucially on the material quality (purity, homogeneity, alloy) and thus on its “journey through the foundry”, i.e. its “process biography”. The following therefore applies wherever possible: Avoid decanting! Every decanting process not only costs valuable energy, it also deteriorates the material quality.

promeos® m.pot und heatdock

„Melting to go” with the promeos® m.pots with heatdocks eliminates the need for separate melting furnaces, transport ladles and holding furnaces and no decanting is necessary. If multiple mobile furnaces are combined with multiple heating and holding stations, this not only opens up unprecedented possibilities for increasing efficiency in melting logistics when handling many different alloys. In addition, emissions and energy costs can be significantly reduced thanks to the highly efficient flame-free promeos® gas burner technology and the elimination of energy-guzzling transfer processes.

promeos® heattwinA further increase in efficiency is achieved by recycling and reusing the high-temperature waste heat generated within the process to preheat the charging material. This is made possible by a double docking station (heattwin) with an additional preheating position. This allows simultaneous melting in one m.pot and preheating in a second m.pot using the waste heat.


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Further information and the brochure for promeos® m.pot and heatdock can be found here.