Dear promeos® customers,

I’m a team member of promeos® since 2021, and I’m always on duty for you. I work as a service agent on site around the clock. In addition to monitoring your promeos® systems, it is my job to deliver data whenever our service center wants to know “how it’s going”, i.e. controls the operating data via remote access, for example.

And I have to react immediately if any malfunctions are “in sight”, i.e. operating or measurement data leave the optimum values. That’s why I cover pretty much everything that helps us prevent technical problems.

Most of the time this is a really boring job because there is usually little to report on promeos® heating systems. But if I do, I’ll be up and running in no time!

I can also communicate very well – not in technical Chinese, but in plain text. In prose (prosa), in all languages ​​and in a way that everyone understands me, worldwide.

I belong to a new species of international professionals. We realize digitization, so we enable Industry 4.0. I can be used anywhere but not am not unique, on the contrary. I was cloned and built into every new promeos® system. But I am also available as a retrofit module for existing systems.

promeos® developed me so that the service technicians no longer spend as much time on the road: fewer km, less costs, less CO2! That’s why I’m not only digital, but also sustainable.

Granted, I’m not Superman. But the benefits I give you don’t read badly, do they?

promeos® service agent - your advantages